Are you having trouble finding your way to places just with the address?

Do you enjoy watching things on the street but are too lazy to walk?

Do you like to explore different places around the world?

or are you just simply bored right now?

Try Google or Daum Street View, you’ll soon arrive in some of the major cities around the world. This program is much more advanced then any of the aerial views from the Satellite such as Google earth, since it is specifically taken on the street with a specialized camera. It will totally give you an experience of driving (but in much detail!)

Ok, so here’s an example. Say you would like to go to the FAO Schwarz, a toy store located in Fifth Ave., New York. First, go to Google Maps and type in the name.

Since the FAO Schwarz is a widely known place, it’s among the results that pop up in the bottom of the search box.

If you click enter, then it will probably take you to the Satellite Bird’s eye view. Now click on the bubble marked with “A” and zoom in using the + button on the left.

The zoomed in Bird’s eye view will appear like this. Until now, it has been similar to Google Earth, so it’s finally the time for you to take a look at it from the “street view”! To do this, drag the yellow human figure on the left and place it on the street highlighted in yellow in front of the FAO Schwarz. It will look something like this!

Want to check out the place across the street? Here is Bergdorf Goodman.

You can even zoom in to the store’s display window!

This is about as how specific it can get. So why don’t we check out some other places in Fifth Avenue, like the Tiffany & Co. Store?

How quick! Here is the Tiffany & Co. Store famous for its appearance in the film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring Audrey Hepburn! Remember the scene when Hepburn was gazing at the show window? It’s the same place!

So after I got the grasp of how to use Google Street view, I visited some more places around New York. Here are some screen shots I took..

1. Broadway/ Times Square

2. Trump Tower

3. Rockfeller Center

You could even travel to some other cities around the world that has enabled Google Street view, like Paris!

Have a safe trip! (although it won’t be dangerous at all.. haha)

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P.S.: All credits to Google Maps for the pictures that I’ve captured