It is for a proven fact that whatever she wears becomes a fad. Kim Yuna in Korea is probably as influential as 10 A-list Hollywood stars in trend making. According to Wikipedia, the top 10 A-list movie stars of 2009 are as follows:

  1. Will Smith
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Brad Pitt
  4. Tom Hanks
  5. George Clooney
  6. Will Ferrell
  7. Reese Witherspoon
  8. Nicolas Cage
  9. Leonardo DiCaprio
  10. Russell Crowe

Can you imagine how popular the product would be if ALL 10 of them wore the same clothes? That’s about how much impact Kim Yuna has in Korea.

The advertisement on the website

Kim Yuna’s bag was no exception. Just last week, the bag she carried upon her arrival at the Incheon Int’l Airport obviously topped the popular search lists of all Korean search engines.

My immediate response to this was: “OMG! I have the SAME thing!”

Yes, it first appeared to me as if her bag was identical to mine. At the time, I was extremely honored to have something in common with a high-profile celebrity like Yuna.

Not long after I saw the bag, I discovered that her bag was from a different brand. Her bag was from “QUA” while mine was from “Adidas by Stella McCartney“. Sounds familiar? If you’ve thought Stella McCartney is the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney from the legendary rock band, The Beatles, you’ve guessed it right!

So anyways, why did I mistaken her bag for mine? I’ll briefly compare the components of the two different bags.

The General Look

Adidas (Shown in color Glacier)

The "Yuna" Bag

Overall, the two bags seem to share a lot in common, except its color.

Now, I’ll compare it each part by part with my personal bag (in grey).

1. Logo& ribbon

Except for the position of the logo, the ribbons are in the same place, and the logo is both engraved on a silver plate.

2. Side design

Similar, isn’t it? From the tiniest details of the location of the zippers to the interlocking straps, the two seems almost identical, but once again, except for its color.

3. Straps & more

The two shoulder supports on the straps appears quite identical. Even the location of the buckle is the same.

After discovering the similarities between the two bags, it is highly likely that one of the two brands copied the other’s design. The bag from Stella McCartney was released first as the 2009 Spring/Summer Collection, while Kim Yuna’s bag hit stores just this March.

Kim Yuna was probably unaware of the “imitated” bag, and if she becomes aware of the fact, she will surely be humiliated to be the brand’s model.

No more copying or plagiarizing should be tolerated in Korea. Original designs will be much preferred over designs that look “similar” to others.  Kim Yuna, who modeled for such brand should not be ashamed to have carried the bag. The only solution for this problem is: Don’t make copies.