What? No Google Street View for Seoul???

If you’ve been thinking the same as what I have initially thought, no worries! There’s a better alternative for street views than Google. Try the Daum Street View! I personally prefer Daum Street View, since it is way more convenient and it’s in a better quality! From the main streets of Korea to the parking lots along the apartments, it is in extreme DETAIL! You can try to look up your own house or apartment (if you live in Korea), and if you are lucky, you might find your own car parked in front of your apartment! (I found my car parked in front of my apartment as well!)

So first, go to http://local.daum.net/map/index.jsp

(This is the website for Daum Street View)

Just as you did in Google Maps, search a town, district, or a name of a landmark that you would like to travel to.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you want to go to the Rodeo Street in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul. First, type in the name in Korean, then click enter.

However, since there are several other Rodeo Streets in Korea, make sure you check which one you’ve clicked, on the left.

Now, it’s time to see the street view! Click where it says “road view”, the blue button on the right.

And this is how it would turn out from a road view!Some Tips: if you use the full screen mode (on the bottom right), you will experience a wider screen that makes you feel as if you are driving through those streets!

Here’s the coolest part! Discovering your apartment/house and perhaps your car that’s parked in the lot!

I  also found some other really close friends in the neighborhood, like M*****, J*****, and S***** (the number of asterisks do not represent the number of letters)

M*****, hi there! If you look up your house, there’s also your car parked! (I saw it!)

J****! I wish your car was parked there too, but unfortunately it’s not.. 😦

S*****! Hello there too! : )

AND, I also found my school, KIS!

I guess this Road View was taken a long ago, since the new “G building” still seems to be under construction…

I also found some very interesting sights around town, like this crowd of people gathered in front of the Adidas Women Store, which is usually not as popular as it is shown in the picture… Why would so many people gather around the store? Is a celebrity shopping there? Or are they on massive discounts? Haha 🙂 I wonder what it is…

So it was a really interesting experience going around Seoul, using this Road View from Daum. I highly recommend you try this!

P.S. if you found this interesting, please comment! 😀