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Do you have any guess what this is?

Surprisingly, this is a chair. As I have mentioned on my previous post, Verner Panton, a Danish furniture designer, also designed this piece of artwork, The Living Tower. It is quite difficult to imagine how anyone could preferably “sit” on this grotesque looking “thing”. Here is a picture of how it works:

This is Verner Panton himself sitting and laying back on the chair.

It will surely be a great experience if my family was to sit together on this. Oh, we will definitely have a fight over who will sit where! 🙂 There is a big difference of comfort with the one closest to the bottom and the one right above it. While the seating on the top may also be comfortable, I cannot quite imagine myself climbing up so high.


A common misconception of chairs is “as long as they are comfortable, they are fine!”. However, some of the chairs designed by top designers could work as a place of comfort, as well as a piece of artwork that revives the interior of your house.

Danish and Scandinavian furniture designers usually have both of the components: simplicity and comfort. Scandinavian furniture usually emphasize on the silhouette of their designs, rather than their fanciness. They could fit in just about any spaces, modern or antique.

Vernon Panton is among my favorite Danish designers, most of his collection produced to a German furniture brand, Vitra.

The Panton Chair

The Panton Chair

Panton Classic Chair

Panton Classic Chair

Panton Junior Chair

One of his notable designs are the Panton Chair Series which includes the Panton Chair, Panton Classic, and Panton Junior. The Panton Chair Series was produced after Vernon Panton spent many years on how to make a plastic chair moulded in one piece. The result was the “S” shaped Panton Chair Series. The Panton Chair initiated the series, and comes in six colors: white, chartreuse, ice grey, classic red, tangerine, and basic dark.  Later came the Panton Classic, an upgraded version of the Panton Chair, and now in more sophisticated lacquered plastic. It comes in only 3 simple colors, white, black, and red. The last of the series is the Panton Junior, a smaller chair designed to seat little children. The Panton Junior Chair comes in more colors, including white, light pink, classic red, dark lime, light blue, and tangerine.