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Eric Whitacre is perhaps one of the most talked-about choral composer and conductor of the 21st century. He has composed various pieces for contemporary or classical choral music, including the international bestseller Cloudburst. Throughout his career, he had given performances at popular venues, such as the Carnegie Hall. But most of all, he has extended his audience to millions when he released his Virtual Choir recording on Youtube.

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir has opened a whole new world for the future of choral music. His project made a great usage of modern day technology and brought people all over the world together in harmony.

As I first watched this fascinating work, the first thing that came up to my mind was how much work the editing and putting the audio together would have taken. Then I also thought that they sounded like a single choir truly enjoying making music, though they have probably never met each other before.

There were other opinions I’ve heard about having a “Virtual Choir”. When my choir teacher, Ms. Stephens showed this video to our class, she stated that she feels a bit “sad”, as the whole meaning of choir, getting together to sing, was waning. This video leaves me wondering about the future of choir. What could it be like? Will we have people singing individually at different places edited, to form a choir? Or will people gather and sing together in a choir? Only time will tell.