Soundtrack of Your Life


Part I: Brainstorm

Think about your life up until now.  What major events have changed you, shaped your, influenced you, shook you?  Are there times that were wildly happy or incredibly sad?  What moments have made you shift in how you see the world?  They may be huge like the death of a loved one or your first day of high school.  Or they might have seemed insignificant at the time like meeting your best friend or starting to play a sport.

Create a list of events that made a difference in your life.

Event 1- I moved to my current home in Apgujeong-dong (1998); Entered Aran Pre-school/kindergarten

Event 2 I entered Apgujeong elementary school

Event 3 Went to my first summer camp in Hawaii in 3rd & 4th grade

Event 4 Moved to Vancouver, BC in Canada; attended West Bay and Irwin Park Elementary schools (4th grade)

Event 5 Moved back to Korea, began school at KIS (5th grade)

Event 6 Went to Stevenson summer camp in California (6th grade)

Event 7 Death of my grandfather (9th grade)

Event 8 Accepted into NYU; ready for college.

(extra)  __________________________________________________________________________________________

Now brainstorm songs that might fit these events. (Remember to use school-appropriate songs )

Song 1 Gangnam Style- Psy

Song 2 No. 1- BoA

Song 3 Yeah!- Usher

Song 4 Harajuku Girls- Gwen Stefani

Song 5 We Belong Together- Mariah Carrey

Song 6 Beautiful Girls- Sean Kingston

Song 7 잊지 말아요- 백지영

Song 8 Forever Young- One Direction

(extra)  __________________________________________________________________________________________

Part II: Relate It to Psychology

Using your “imaginary soundtrack” of the events in your life, look through your textbook and find at least eight psychology concepts that correspond with the songs and events you selected.

Psych Concept 1- Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development- initiative v. guilt

i Why? _Erickson’s stages of psychosocial development, which shows the progress in the development through the lifetime in one’s social and psychological aspects, relates to my first event, moving to a different neighborhood and interring preschool. Because I was in the initiative v. guilt stage of this development, which states that young preschoolers learn to initiate tasks and carry out plans, or they feel guilty about their efforts to be independent. I remember that when I was this age, I tried to tie my shoelace on my own, and initiate other tasks although I probably need help with some tasks. __________________________________________________________________________________________


Psych Concept 2-  intrinsic motivation (individuals engage in behaviors for their own enjoyment and needs)

Why? In my second event, entering elementary school, intrinsic motivation best fits the psychology that could be related to this stage in my life. When I was this age, I was intrinsically motivated to learn, doing things out of  my own will and pleasure. For example I would read books although they weren’t required for any class or Hagwon, just for the pleasure of my own. I was also intrinsically motivated to learn about history, as I found history entertaining.

Psych Concept 3- Affiliation motivation

Why? _For my third event, going to a summer school in Hawaii for 3rd and 4th grade, I feel like affiliation motivation, which is the need to be with others, influenced my experience. Because English was a new language at the time I went to the summer camp, I felt that my affiliation motive was aroused, as I felt both anxious and threatened by the new environment of the summer camp. But also because of my affiliation motive, I believe that I got to make more friendship and bonding with others at camp.

Psych Concept 4- authoritative parenting style

Why? For my 4th event, moving to Vancouver, B.C. in Canada, was most related to the authoritative parenting style. I believe that my parents most often implement an authoritative parenting style, which means they are responsive and nurturing, but also hold high expectations for behavior. Before moving to Canada, my parents encouraged me and my brother to express my opinion in moving to a different country, which I approved of. Thus, I felt like I developed a sense of independence when making decisions, because I always shared my opinion with my parents. As Baumrind has suggested that children raised by authoritative parents tend to have self-confidence, strong social skills, and good emotional regulation, I think some of my positive characteristics have developed as a result of my parents’ parenting style.

Psych Concept 5- linguistic determinism- Whorf; language determines the way we think

Why? This idea hypothesized by Whorf that language determines the way we think, was partly true for me as someone who has recently come back after a year in Canada and was quite comfortable in English. For the first time, I started to use both Korean and English at home, so I had cultural ideas clash as I spoke in each of the language. For instance, when I was speaking in Korean, I used the “-Yo” (a formal way of speaking to adults), hence I felt like I had more respect for my parents. However, when I spoke in English with no such form of language, I started to treat them more comfortably and at times, rudely, as if to a friend.

Psych Concept 6 – Puberty

Why? My 6th event, which was when I went to a summer camp in California in 2007 (6th grade), was most characterized by puberty. As I had a “crush” on a guy and while I had never really been open to having affection with the opposite gender, I felt that it was a time of puberty, when puberty, the maturation of sexual interest, hit. Although my feelings and love was entirely platonic, the physiology behind having such feelings may be due to the sexual development during puberty.

Psych Concept 7 -intimacy v. generativity

Why? For my 7th and the most tragic event of my life, the death of my grandfather, I thought intimacy v. generativity would be best related. Because my grandfather was well over 70 at the time he passed away, intimacy v. generativity would coincide with Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development. Intimacy, the ability to form close, loving relationships, as he did with our family, and generativity, being productive and supporting future generations, would have influenced him to reflect on his achievements in life.

Psych Concept 8- self-fulfilling prophecy

Why? _I think self-fulfilling prophecy best relates to my final event in the playlist, my acceptance into college (NYU). Because I have wanted to go to this school for quite a long time and I met the GPA, extracurricular activities, or the SAT score that the accepted students had for this school, my mother always used to tell me not to worry at all because I will definitely get in. Although I thought this was a dangerous thought, it was, after all, self-fulfilling prophecy, which basically states that our prediction can directly or indirectly cause itself to become true.


Part III: Produce It

Track 1

Song Title ____Gangnam Style______________ Artist or Group: ___Psy_____________________

Event I moved to my current home in Apgujeong-dong (1998); Entered Aran Pre-school/kindergarten

Psych Concept: _____Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development- initiative v. guilt______________________

Track 2

Song Title ______________No. 1_________________________________ Artist or Group: __________BoA______________

Event _____I entered Apgujeong elementary school______________________ Psych Concept: _____intrinsic motivation

Track 3

Song Title _________ Yeah!______________________________________ Artist or Group: _____Usher___________________

Event ________Went to my first summer camp in Hawaii in 3rd & 4th grade_______________________________________ Psych Concept: ______Affiliation motivation_____________________

Track 4

Song Title ______________Harajuku Girls_________________________________ Artist or Group: ___Gwen Stefani _____________________

Event _________Moved to Vancouver, BC in Canada; attended West Bay and Irwin Park Elementary schools (4th grade)______________________________________ Psych Concept: _____authoritative parenting style______________________

Track 5

Song Title __________We Belong Together____________ Artist or Group: _____Mariah Carrey___________________

Event ________Moved back to Korea, began school at KIS (5th grade) _______________________________________ Psych Concept: ______linguistic determinism_____________________

Track 6

Song Title __________Beautiful Girls____________________________________ Artist or Group:  Sean Kingston

Event ____Went to Stevenson summer camp in California (6th grade)___________________________________________ Psych Concept: ______Puberty_____________________

Track 7

Song Title ________________잊지 말아요_______________________________ Artist or Group: _____백지영___________________

Event ___________Death of my grandfather (9th grade)___________________________________ Psych Concept: _________intimacy v. generativity__________________

Track 8

Song Title ______________Forever Young_________________________________ Artist or Group: One Direction

Event _____ Accepted into NYU; ready for college.__________________________________ Psych Concept: _____ self-fulfilling prophecy______________________