Dear listener,

 Hello, this is Nicole Kim, and I am writing to inform you what this CD mix will be all about. Simply put, this CD is exclusively about myself. To give a brief introduction, I am from Seoul, Korea and I lived most of my life here and currently go to Korea intentional school in Pangyo,

     I started to create this CD in order to reflect on my past. This is especially important for me because I am headed I college in the States next year, a big transition in life. Using some of the essential concepts learned in psychology, i associated many of the concepts to my own personal experiences. I chose  eight main events in life, followed by a relation of each to the psychology concepts learned this year. I found this experience overall to be pleasureful and nostalgic, as I was able to listen to various songs I liked in the past, and associate it withal or occurrences in life.

       The first song I chose for my first event, moving to my home in apgujeong at the age of 4, is “Gangnam Style” by Psy. Although this is a recent song and this event occurred in the 90s, it was representative of the situation I was in, as I moved from Seocho to Apgujeong in Gangnam. I found this experience entertaining, just like the upbeat nature of the song. 

       The next song that I chose was No.1 by BoA. No.1 BoA was one of the most popular songs at the time that my event #2, entering elementary school,  occurred. The song expresses hopes about being number 1, which was similar to the small ambition that I had as a little kid. 

     The third song in my play list, Yeah! by Usher, reflected my 3rd event, going to my first summer camp in Hawaii in 3rd &4th grade. Going to the states for a language program was a new experience for me, and Yeah! reflected the fun that I had while I was in the program. Yeah! was also the most popular song at the time during the summer I was there, so I used to listen to it with my friends in camp. 


     The fourth song in my playlist, Harajuku Girls by Gwen Stefani, reflects the cultural influence I had on event number 4, moving to Vancouver and going to an elementary school there. When I entered the school, my best friends were into Japanese pop cultures such as Manga, and Japan became a popular country among teens after they listened to Harajuku Girls by Gwen Stefani, which talks about the “wicked style” of the girls in the Harajuku district in Tokyo.

     The fifth song in my playlist, We Belong Together by Mariah Carrey is coincides with event #5, moving back to Korea and beginning school at KIS in 5th grade. The song was one of the most popular pop songs at the time, so I had set it as the background music for my Cyworld, which is the Korean equivalent of myspace. Me and my friends at KIS in 5th grade used to sing this song in Karaokes all the time.

     The 6th song in my playlist, Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston, best reflects my sumer of 2007. In 2007, I went to a summer camp in California, and had a “crush” on a guy who was also there. We listen to this song together in the bus, The lyrics of the song does not have much to do with my experience, but it well reflects the timee while I was there.

     The 7th event was the most tragic event of my life, the death of my grandfather. He was my favorite man afterr my father, and it was hard to let him go in 2009. I cried massively after his death, and remembered that he used to sing this lullaby before I slept. Although it is an unnamed lullaby that I could not find elsewhere on the internet, I remember the lyrics, and I am able to sing a portion of it.

     The 8th and final life event of this playlist, being accepted into NYU in December and getting ready for college, is reflected by my song, Forever Young, by One Direction. This has been a recent favorite song of mine for about a year, and it well-reflects my desire to stay as it is. The second semester of my senior year was my favorite time in high school, and I wanted to capture the youth of these times and not grow old.

     Although my soundtrack may not be personally relatable, this playlist means quite a lot for me, as it is the story of my life thus far, before entering college as a young adult. I would like to look back and listen to my track again sometime in the future and expand even further.