The environmental science field today had been much of a déjà vu for me. Although it is hard to recall when, I have previously visited the maintenance room down stairs briefly when I was in middle school, so walking into each of the rooms, I recalled the fascination I had as a middle schooler!

Downstairs, our school was like a maze, with each room leading to another and each entrance leading to a different exit. The different rooms for the generator, boiler, and electricity resembled the places I’ve seen in a Mission Impossible movie. When I saw the rooms lit up very brightly, I was quite concerned whether they had turned on the lights because the students were in the rooms, or they have always turned on the lights regardless of people being inside the room. If the latter is the case, I think this could be one of the ways to conserve electricity. The boiler room and the room underneath the swimming pool fascinated me, as I’ve seen waterways connected to the swimming pool for heating and filtering. The fact that the school changes the water of the swimming pool only twice a year was quite a shock, but knowing that they had constantly filtered out the water and this is also a way to save water, I did not feel too concerned. A machine in the swimming pool room that separates NaCl (salt), by separating the sodium and releasing the chlorine into the swimming pool waters to cleanse the pool was one of the most interesting scientific findings also related to the concepts I’ve learned in chemistry last year.