Environmental Science is starting to offer field trips to Tancheon almost every week, and this week I had my first field trip as well as my first visit to Tancheon. As I’ve been living in Seoul (near Han River) for nearly my entire life, I have been visiting the Han River almost every week to bicycle or exercise. So my first impression of Tancheon was “Whoa… it’s a 1/20 mini version of Han River!”. I also felt like Tancheon was a bit artificial, as the pathways of the rocks were not created by nature, and all of its surroundings were simply modern bicycle paths or walking paths made for recreational purposes. This is also true for the Han River, but as Han River is in a bigger scale, the area preserved for nature is also much larger.


My bicycle and the Han River

But the entire purpose of my trip, in comparison to the Han River, was different this time. I usually go to the Han River to walk, run, or bicycle, but in Tancheon I sought to explore and appreciate nature.


Going inside the water into Tancheon was actually no big deal, because I like rivers and streams and nature and swimming in clean environments. Tancheon seemed to be much more relatively clean compared to the Han River (and I have actually been inside the polluted river…haha). While navigating through the stream my foot had a small bloody cut by the rocks that scratched against my feet, but what grabbed my attention more were the little insects underneath the rocks in the stream, than the scratch on my foot. The itty-bitty bugs was definitely not pleasant, but were fascinating to watch!

In the Riparian zone of the river, many kinds of plants and bushes resided, but none too colorful or beautiful to watch. After all, this is not a botanical garden!