I’m not so sure if I should be the one saying this, but everyone deserves some materialistic goods in their lives, even if it’s something small. So to make sure such things can happen, those who lead unnecessarily elaborate lives can be happier by reducing their extravagance. I’m not all about simplicity–I sometimes purchase expensive goods, eat great food, and use energy excessively– however, I think living simpler can actually make you feel happier than if you were to live extravagantly.

This summer, I was in Hong Kong, at a modern hotel where everything was automatic–there was so much comfort– maybe too much comfort, to make me feel almost uncomfortable. From the blinds, lights, sound system, everything was automatic. In that hotel, I was able to literally sit in a tub with water, while watching TV, pulling the blinds down, turning the music on, and doing so many other things.It’s marvelous how technology had pushed us this far, but I believe something beyond this is unnecessary. Humans are meant to move and complete their tasks, possibly with some help of machines. However, something at this level that I experienced at the hotel may be too much, and can cause people to become extremely lazy. The lack of movement not only bad for their health, but it can arrive at a point one may not even know if they are living or dead if they do not use their bodies! Thus, back when I was in that hotel in Hong Kong, I felt discomfort at the too much comfort it was providing. The gaps of standards of living between the needy people of Africa or some of the wealthy people living in a developed country is great, but I think we can reduce the extravagance to provide for the basic needs of those in need.