Although I don’t go as far as being a vegetarian, environmental activist, I have always been concerned about the human impact on the environment. The global population is steadily increasing and people around the world, although aware, do not seem to take much action or even make small changes to their lives. I, also did not do much for the environment. I always ate a lot of meat (haha…), and consumed goods without thinking about their impact for the environment.

I sometimes did have the moments when I realized that I was actually not ignorant of human impact. When I spotted my mom wearing real fur, I complained that I think fur is the worst way to let the animals die. I showed her pictures of the cute chinchilla (the type of fur she was wearing) and cautioned her to not buy any more fur, as I believe that fur is not only expensive, but a harm to the environment and a threat to the animal.


I once saw a commercial a campaign on TV saying “You can’t stop global warming, but you can feed those children”. True, I don’t think I alone can stop global warming. But when billions take action to conserve energy, global warming can be delayed. One can start by doing even the smallest things in daily life, such as turning lights off on rooms that one is absent in the room, not leaving the tap open when brushing one’s teeth, etc.

I’d like to start out my environmental blog post with a pledge that I’ll try my best to have positive human impact on the environment starting from the smallest actions to possibly large actions for the environment in the future. Let’s go earth!