Yay! It’s Earth Day this friday! In our school this week, we are promoting a “No-Impact Week”, which means we do not consume or produce waste at all throughout the week. While the “No-Impact” movement is a more extreme form of conserving the environment, you can still take part in trying to conserve the environment by reusing materials, like boxes! I always reuse pretty boxes, storing all kinds of materials ranging from hair accessories to paper clips.

Reusing boxes is a great way to organize and store your “stuff” that are dangling all over your room. Here are some tips on how to reuse boxes!

1. Macaron boxes

Rectangular boxes are a great way to store clips or small toys. I use the black box to store some of my Bearbrick toys, and it fits exactly 7 perfectly! Another way of using these boxes is storing paperclips and other small stationary that are dangling all over your desk. This could help keep your desk organized!

2. For special purposes…I use this clear box that was originally for storing cards and envelopes to store a sugar-crafted ribbon that I kept from my birthday cake. As sugar crafted goods last almost forever, I wanted to keep this in a box where it would not be covered in dust. Then I found this perfect box which could not only display the ribbon, but also keep the ribbon from getting dirty!

A small scarf box could make perfect storage for small lip glosses, Chapstick lip balm, Lip Smackers, and more!

3. Chocolate Boxes

Rectangular chocolate boxes could be used in various ways, such as storing post-it notes or different kinds of wires (earphones, usb ports, etc.)

4. For storing Hair accessories…

This round box originally for a bag strap makes perfect storage for storing headbands!

For storing solid hairbands, a relatively large shoebox could fit them perfectly. You can easily find your favorite hairbands by storing them in a box and keeping them on your side table!