This song, called “Magic” by a Korean girl group named “Secret” seriously bugs me. I personally find this song extremely annoying because of the overly repetitive word “Magic”, pronounced like “MAZIK”!!! They should have named this song “Mazik”, if they couldn’t pronounce it right.

I’m not even sure if it is supposed to be “Mazik”, but whatever the truth is, it’s very annoying. So if you grew up or have some sort of an english background, you’ll probably understand why. Listen to this:

To be honest, this song is pretty good except for the pronunciation of “Magic”… And most of them are good singers, overall.

I also thought some parts of the song were hilarious. For example, the part after “Mazik, mazik mazik, mazik mazik mazik” which is “Uh ma Uh ma Uh ma” sounds totally like “엄마, 엄마 엄마!” which means “mom” in Korean. So it would be like “Magic Magic ….” and they are calling for their moms.

Also, at 0:44 where the girls say “Oh 쉿”, which means “shhh” in Korean, sounds more like “Oh S***”… haha 😛

So this was totally my own, personal opinion at the song! (No offense intended to Secret)

Here are some of the comments I found on Youtube of the song…

Now, tell me what you think!