Designer Philip Starck have marked a new beginning for the furniture industry when he designed one of his most revolutionary furniture design, the Louis Ghost Chair, a chair with a classical silhouette of transparent acryl. He has proven how classical elements of furniture combined with the modern can still be fresh and chic.

Another type of furniture that is bringing revolution to the industry recently are baroque chairs upholstered with modern fabric often times having interesting patterns, or even photography.

Proust Geometrica- Side View

The first armchair above is called the “Proust Geometrica” designed by an Italian designer Alessandro Mendini in 1978, and later manufactured by Cappellini. Proust Geometrica immediately became the icon of twentieth century design. It was not only upholstered in multi-color fabrics, but the wooden frame was also painted to perfection with the matching colors.


Here is a different version of Proust with the light blue, grey, red multicolor fabric. Which one do you prefer? The first or the second? I personally like the first one…

Photographed/Illustrated Baroque Chairs

The French brand, Teo Jasmin is renowned for its printed baroque sofas and armchairs. Some of the prints include: the union jack pattern, Eiffel Tower, Bridget Bardot, NYC, and Superman cartoon.

Union Jack

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower


Bridget Bardot

Bridget Bardot Arm Chair

These chairs could add some chic, modern touches to your room!