Emeco Navy Chairs means much more than a chair, for it is an icon of American furniture design. Manufacturer Emeco shares an interesting history in the formation of its chair, the Emeco Navy Chair. It was initially commissioned in the 1940s by the U.S. Navy for use in warships during World War II, since it was able to withstand torpedo blasts. The chair was designed by the founder of Emeco, Witton C .”Bud” Dinges and was made with aluminum, which became the key to the chair’s strength and lightness. The chair was so durable that it exceeded the specifications of the Navy and was designed to last 150 years. Therefore, Emeco Navy Chair became the strongest, most durable chair in the world.

Watch how strong it is:

Wow, that was just fascinating!

If you had to do this with just another chair made of wood, metal, or plastic, it would have already crumbled into pieces by the time you drop them on 2nd floor, not the 6th.

Perhaps not the “signature” chair, but one of the notable chairs from Emeco could be the Kong Chair. The Kong was specially designed and collaborated by the French designer, Philip Starck, for a restaurant based on Paris, The Kong. The chair was once not sold in public. After the restaurant “Kong” had gained wide popularity,many were attracted the the firm and a simple design of the Kong Chair. As it drew more and more attention, it was finally released to the public. Since both of them are designed by Philip Starck, the Kong Chair and theLouis Ghost and Victoria Ghost Chair (made in plastic) for Kartell resemble each other’s design. They are both inspired by the home of the French Kings (the Louis), the Versailles, and now an icon of when modern meets the luxury of the classic.