Ok, I did not die. Or you might as well say, I wasn’t even close to dying!

The field trip to the DMZ and the Panmunjom was amazing! I don’t have any regrets on going on the field trip, and I actually feel sorry for those who didn’t go. First, when our group arrived in this tollgate area that restricts entrance for the people who are trying to go to the Village of Peace, we were attended by a group of American Army checking our passports. Our school bus soon entered an area with parking space and we were asked to get off the bus and get on an authorized bus for the tour. A young American Soldier was introduced to guide us through the trip. Upon entering the area near the DMZ, I was fascinated. The nature was very well preserved ,untouched for 50 years.

The soldier told us some interesting stories about National Geographic actually featuring an article about a so-called manpighorse, which the people meant as a joke. National Geographic later removed it, but it was hilarious how they did not accept it as a joke!

Most of all, the best part of this trip was definitely the day we went on the trip! Not only were there tensions between North and South Korea at the time, the day we went on the trip was officially marked as the “clearest day” in 14 YEARS!!! Why is this so good? For probably the first and last time we see North Korea, we were able to see extremely far through the binoculars, from small buildings in Gaesung to the renowned North Korean flagpole!

I will later post up some pictures from the trip, which I currently cannot move due to technological issues.

Here’s a bonus: our school had some press coverage while we were at Panmunjom!