Tomorrow, I will be going to the DMZ, or the Demilitarized Zone which is a border about 4KM wide that divides North and South Korea on the 38th parallel. Going to a DMZ may not have been so life risking for the past few decades, but tomorrow may be an exception. After the North Korean attack of the Korean Chunan Ship, tensions have risen between the two nations. As North and South Korea are under an armistice, there may be war at anytime. What I am most worried about is North Korea officially announced that they will shoot South Korean loudspeakers at the border if South Korea plays propaganda songs!

Yes, at a time like this I am going to the DMZ for the school field trip. Even before the Chunan Incident I was thrilled to go to the place since I’ve always been curious how North Korea from far would look like. While my parents have convinced me not to go at a time like this, I will go and accept it as fate if I die. But one thing I know for sure, this will surely be a memorable field trip!

Wish me luck! 🙂

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