Kim Yuna.

Credits to Chicago Tribune

Credits to Chicago Tribune

7 letters, 3 syllables. A name of hope, inspiration, and joy. A priceless name for the glory it has brought to her home country. Kim Yuna is often described as a pearl in the middle of a sand crusted shell. It was miraculous to have a reigning figure skater Kim Yuna from a country like South Korea. With poor facilities, support, and a low budget in figure skating, it has been almost impossible to produce an Olympic medalist. As a result, figure skating has always been an unfamiliar sport to many. However, following Kim Yuna’s medals since her Junior seasons, it has gained wide publicity.

“Queen Yuna”

Already by the age of 19, Kim Yuna took her title as the “Queen”. Entering the 200s for the first time in women’s figure skating, she has set a new chapter for its future. She has executed all of her jumps, including her signature triple lutz-triple toe loop. Now, the only competitor is herself, not her rival Mao Asada who is no match for Yuna, due to her recent slumping career.

Tomorrow, she is about to go through a life changing experience, her first Olympics. As the “nation awaits for gold” (NyTimes) she is under the pressure of winning a gold medal like no other. No one in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics faces more pressure from Korea than Yuna. Many Koreans, not just her fans, will have a sleepless night tonight. Who will be the champion? Only God knows.


This was written by myself before her Short Program and Free Skating at the Olympics. I thought it would be interesting if I could read my feelings before the result afterwards.

Well, you know the result: Kim Yuna became the gold medalist of the Olympics!

Kim Yuna trying to hold back the tears during the medal ceremony

Kim Yuna trying to hold back the tears during the medal ceremony