Feels like insomnia ah ah~

Right now, it’s passed four in the morning and the problem is: I CAN’T GO TO SLEEP!

Why? I don’t even know. I just can’t.

But I will have plenty of sleep tonight since it is a short break time at school right now due to Sulnal, aka the Chinese New Year. To keep my self from being bored to DEATH, like I was before, I have decided to post something on my blog! Yay! 😀

To keep you on track with some of the recent happenings, it was Valentine’s day just a few days ago.

What did I do? Unfortunately, I couldn’t celebrate it since there was so much other things to celebrate that day! In Korea, that day was also called “Sulentine’s Day” by many, since it was the Sulnal+Valentine’s Day. In addition, it was the start of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and also a big soccer match between Korea and Japan, in which Korea won 3-1.

However, I am still not done CRAVING for more sweets! ❤ To give you a brief idea on what I want to crave on, here is my complete list of my top chocolates destinations!

1. La Maison du Chocolat

La Maison du Chocolat by far, has one of the most remarkable chocolates that I have ever tasted. This one amazing chocolate store has various delicacies. The fine and exquisite signature wrappings that make the heart of a receiver thump with joy, and of course, the delightful taste. The only shop that I have visited was in Japan, in the neighborhood of Omotesando. There, I’ve tried the fine truffles. The truffles had an adequate sweetness and a very soft texture. Before I even realized that I placed it in my mouth, it was already melting.

2. Neuhaus

Speaking of chocolates, truffles attract me the most. What I had for this Valentine’s day was truffles from Neuhaus, a Belgian chocolatier. The chocolate had a great texture, just like the one from La Maison du Chocolat. However, there was one unsatisfying part about the chocolate. Considering the fact that the truffles numbered less than 15, were not freshly made, and packaged in a not-so-fancy box, it had an outrageous price. Nearly 40 dollars!

3. Le Chocolat de H

This chocolate shop, situated in Roppongi Hills had the finest interior and service among all of the other stores that I have been to. Though I visited there about 6 years ago, I still remember that the store made the chocolates seem more like diamonds in a designer boutique. The employees were dressed in very formal suits, and the store even had a man awaiting at the door to open it.  The taste and the visual decorations of the chocolate were both satisfying.