Wow, this is my first post. I am very new to this whole “blogging” thing, so I think I need to get comfortable with it before I get started. After struggling hours on what to write as the first post on my blog, I just decided to go with the easy way, being myself! So let me begin. You probably have already figured out from up on the blog address,that my name is Nicole K (I will shorten my last name for the sake of privacy). I am “just another” freshmen in high school. But as I continue on this blog, I hope to bring out some personality and character in myself and discover the real “me”.

Let me begin with the story of my life. Instead of making you lose interest in long, boring stories, I created a brief timeline about myself.

1994: I was born in Seoul, Korea

1998: I became literate in Korean (my first language)

2001: I started attending a Korean elementary school

2004: I moved to Vancouver, Canada

2005: After a brief year of studying English, I came back to Korea and started attending an international school

2008: I became a huge fan of a Korean boy band, Bigbang. I was obsessed with them.

2009: I started to lose interest in Bigbang and most of the boy bands

2009: With much confusion, I began my freshmen year in the same school

I think a time line for one’s life, especially when your writing one about yourself is very difficult. The standard of what is “important” in your life can vary in definition, which was one of the primary problems I faced while completing this. I was confused if “education” was my primary focus or my “personal interest” was. All of the events were involved with education except for the part with my favorite boy band obsession.

Here are some remarks about my timeline…

2004- This was the definite turning point in my life. Up to this point, I was very Korean. I attended 8 Hagwons in elementary school, which was considered normal, or perhaps a bit over normal. I only listened to Korean music and watched Korean TV shows. I traveled very often to foreign cities, but not long enough to impact me culturally. I was Korean to the bone. Literally!

Due to my poor English skills and foreign experience, my parents decided to immigrate (yes, the whole family moved) to Vancouver, BC in Canada. Back then, I could not understand why I had to move, leaving all of my close friends behind when I was doing perfectly well in the Korean school environment. Besides, I did not have any knowledge of how Vancouver was like, including the weather, environment, city, and just about the whole atmosphere. My family was planing to stay there for three years, until enter 7th or 8th grade. This idea was not appealing to me at all.

When I first entered Canada, I had a culture shock. First of all, no Hagwons, tutor or any type of intense education I had in Korea. Students leisurely studied at school, at home, and spent most of there time enjoying their lives. To ensure that my English education to be most effective, I made a promise with my parents to befriend with the Canadian natives and improve in speaking English, rather than with Korean friends and speak Korean. This as it turns out now, worked out. For I had an easy approach towards meeting new people, it was not much difficult to make Canadian friends even with the language barrier. After I introduced some of my new friends to my mother, she arranged sleepovers and play dates when I was able to bond even more with the new “English speaking” friends. A brief year away from Korean culture had completely westernized me. English became almost like my first language, and culturally as well, I was western-minded.

This is me! 😀

I hope you got to know me a little better by now. As I write more entries, hopefully you can discover more about me. Keep reading!

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